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The Tudors


A history of every country in the world written by the young people of those countries: That's our aim. Obviously we need you and your school to help. Can you do it?

First check out Owlbut's History of England which is here. We want you to use the exact same time periods and then write about events in your country's history for each period just like we've done. We only want events that would appear on the timeline; we don't want Hoots or Stories.

We also only want events that took place in your country or involved people from your country.

We know that for some of you, the country you now live in may not have existed as a country for many of these periods but even if what is now your country was swallowed up and part of another, events in the area it now occupies should be used. Again for some countries there is no history for very early times. Don't worry, just start when your country first has a history.

We know this is a massive task and so we will not be uploading any of these until September 2021, giving you a nice long time, depending on when you are reading this.

You will have to host your history on your own school site and then send us a link to it.

This is a school project and can be done by different years and classes in the school.

We look forward to you helping us build a complete picture of the history of all countries of the world written by young people.

NOTE: As we have only written our history for England, we would love to have contributions from schools in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well as all the countries named in our "Know Your Continent" section. We want to ask for these histories to be updated in 2026 and every five years thereafter, thereby bringing new pupils into our website.

When you've done it please email the link to