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The Tudors

The first coins found in England dated from this time. They actually came from France but within 20 years coins were being made in England. Did you know that we donít really say coins were made, we say they were minted? This may come from the Latin word moneta, which means money.

By 20BC, just 80 years later, silver and bronze coins were being produced in south east England. It appears that no coins were produced in northern England. I wonder why. Any ideas?

Coins would also have writing on them which indicated people were beginning to learn to read and write. Coins might have the name of the chief or king who ruled in the area where they were produced or the name of the town. The first two coins in the picture have CAM engraved on them and almost certainly come from Colchester, then called Camulodunum. The fifth coin, go on count, has REX on it and this is Latin for King. We donít know exactly when these coins were minted but it would be around this time or a little later.

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