The Tudors

22 March 2020


Hey Owlettes

With so many new things happening on my our site, I'm suspending my blog now until the end of August.

My front page on Monday 23 March 2020 will give you all the info.

Keep safe everyone.


16 March 2020

Hi everyone

I hope you are all well and especially any older people in your family. There is lots in the news about the coronavirus which can be particularly nasty for older people. The government is trying to make sure you are all as safe as possible. I'm looking after my old person as best I can. Here is another shot from the filming we did last week.

One of the things that is happening at the moment is that a lot of sport is cancelled. That actually reminded me that on this day in 1872 the very first FA Cup Final was played. It was played at The Oval, which is now a cricket ground, and the Wanderers beat the Royal Engineers by one goal to nil. The FA Cup is the oldest football competition in the world.

We've got a little quiz on the website asking you to guess when some sporting events were first held You can find it here and you now know one of the answers.

I'll say bye bye for now and talk to you all next week.


11 March 2020

Hi Owlettes

Bit late with my blog this week because so many exciting things have been happening at the start of this week. We've all been out filming. Luckily the weather wasn't that bad although, if you look at the first photo, it was a bit windy. You'll be able to see the end result in about a month.

The idea was to travel around and let you know the sort of things we can show you on our journey. In the first two pictures we wanted to try to sketch a view sitting in the same place as a famous painter might have sat. We chose John Constable as the painter because he lived near where we do. Actually when I say we wanted to sketch I really mean Amber sketched, I sat with a pencil and Richard did what he does best and took the photos. You can see some of the paintings done by John Constable here but he would have started most of his paintings by doing a little sketch.

It's fascinating to see the changes in 200 years because the painting we were trying to copy was this one. The road is far bigger, the bridge is still there but the trees have grown so much you can't even see the church any more.

We then moved on to a place which was owned by a guy called Matthew Hopkins who was known as the Witch-finder General during the Civil War years. He was responsible for the deaths of over 300 women who he claimed were witches. We'll tell you more about this when we are travelling through Essex on our journey.

I'll be back with more news next Monday. Take care.


2 March 2020

Hi there Guess what, it's almost six months till we start out on our amazing journey and lots of things are beginning to happen.

This week I have two things to tell you. Firstly we've finished our history of 2019 and that is now up on my site. You can find it here. This young lady and her efforts to make people realise there is a crisis on our planet with regard to climate change was a big part of what went on in 2019. She certainly inspired many other young people to make their voice heard too. In fact this week she was in Bristol leading a march to try to make politicians and governments do something rather than just say they will do something.

Secondly, and sort of connected, the Anglo-French supersonic aeroplane, called Concorde, took its first flight on this day in 1969, Many people thought it would the first of many such planes and you would all be flying round the world far more quickly. However, it didn't happen and, as air travel is one of the major causes of climate change, that must be seen as a good thing. You can read about that one here.

See you next week with more exciting news

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