The Tudors

18th November 2019

Hi to all my Owlettes again. No new projects for you to look at this week but I have got some news that I think is really exciting. It's just 12 days until my club is open for people to join. When it is, all members will get a certificate signed with my claw just like the one on the right.

But that's not all. Members of my club will have the chance to win prizes in all the competitions that will on the club pages. Each competition will have a prize and while anyone can do the competitions, only club members will be able to win prizes. One of the prizes is a really big one.

And unlike some clubs you don't have to pay each year. Once you've paid you will be a member for at least five years.

All will be revealed soon. I'll be back with another blog next week.


11th November 2019

Hey Owlettes, time for another blog. Two things this week. You probably noticed that everyone has been taking part in Remembrance Day events. I tell you lots more about how and why it happened on my Times Past page which you can find here.

Secondly I have uploaded another new project for you to do. That's here. It will be the last new one now until after Christmas.

Hope you have a good week and I'll be back with another little blog next week.


4th November 2019

Hey Owlettes, it's Monday again and I'm back with a new project for you. I told you about one last week when I wanted you to imagine you had lived in a different period of history. This week I want you to imagine that you actually had been born in a different country on a different continent.

All the information is here, so start imagining and off you go. Actually, you don't need to rush that much but you could start thinking about it.

I'll have another new project for you next week. Meanwhile have a safe Guy Fawkes night and, if you want, you can find out more about him and his friends here.

Break Break

Here is my little guide to be safe when using the internet.