The Tudors

July 14th 2019

Hey Owlettes

If you look at the journeys section of my website and look at journey two you will see that we plan to begin a trip through all of England in September 2020. We will then be adding some video clips from our journey to different parts of the site.

However, we are doing some pre-filming before that start date and we're starting that now. I'm going away from England next week and although you won't see the end results for a while I may put a few little pictures on next week's blog.

Look out for them.


July 6th 2019

Hey Owlettes

Not much happening on my site at the moment. I'm sure you're all getting ready for the summer holidays if you live north of the equator. In case you don't know, the equator is the imaginary line that goes round the middle of the earth. Generally speaking if you live north of the equator you have hot, summer weather from about June to September. If you live south of the equator then your summer months are December to March.

I'm going to tell you more about this next year.

Richard and I are going to have some guests come and visit us very soon and we will also be going a way for a few days with them. They live in a country south of the equator so they will leave their winter and arrive in our summer. It's fun to have guests from another country stay because you can find out more about their country.

I'll keep you informed owlettes. Take care

Break Break

Here is my little guide to be safe when using the internet.