The Tudors

14 February 2020

Hey there Owlettes

I know most of my English Owlettes are now on half-term so I hope you all have agood time. However, the weather has not been very good the last two weekends as we have had two storms hit much of the country. You human give your storms names and last weekend was Ciara and this weekend it has been Dennis. Did you know they go in alphabetical order so the next storm, if there is one, will be a name beginning with E?

Actually, I've had a sneaky look at all the names for this year and there seems to be a big mistake because storm O is Olivia. I think they missed something out there. I'm also a bit worried about storm N because that will be storm Noah and we all know what happened last time he was involved in a storm.

Make sure you take care of you go out in the storm. Look out for trees that might fall and, if like us, you go down to the sea, don't get too close because a sudden wave could wash you away.

Even more than usual, take care.


10 February 2020

Hey there Owlettes

Sorry there was no blog last week but we were making some technical changes. (I have no idea what that means or what was happening but Richard told me to write this)

It also means that it's only a short blog this week. In fact all I'm doing is apologising for there being no blog last week. Are you still with me? Come back next week for a lot more news.

Take care in the storm if you're in the United Kingdom.

Break Break

Here is my little guide to be safe when using the internet.