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Hopefully, by September 2022, things, nationally, will have returned to a more normal situation and we will be able to begin our journey through England. More details, and our proposed schedule, can be found on the Journeys page.

When we do set off, we would like to come and visit a couple of schools in each area. The visits would happen on the Monday and Tuesday of the first week of our time in that area and could really take any format that the school would like. We know, from past experiences, that meeting your children is a very motivational process. It will certainly inspire them to carry out some, or all, of our projects if they know the person who designed the projects is coming to look at their work.

By choosing to visit at the start of our time in your area, we would also hope that the children might be able to give us some ideas of what to see and where to visit, even if they haven't yet done our project of the same name.

If you would like to put your school on the list of those we might be able to visit, then just drop us an email to and we will will come back to you. Please include a contact name and telephone number.

If you happen to be a pupil reading this, tell your teacher and see if your school could take part.