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Itís treasure hunting time! Each week until June 4th 2021, excluding school holidays, we will be uploading a video to the Times Past section of our site. The videos, all 24 of them, will be part of the introduction page to each separate time period. Hidden somewhere in each video will be a letter of the alphabet. The letter will not be part of any text that appears in the video. It will be a stand-alone letter. You will need to write down all the letters you see and then, using each letter you have written down only once, work out the phrase, place or saying we have created and send it to us by email. There will be, obviously, 24 letters. We might give you a little clue as to the answer, who knows. Don't worry if you miss one week as all videos will be on the site for ever.


ēOpen to anyone living in, or planning to visit, the UK
ēIf you are under 18 years of age, you must have permission from your parent or guardian to enter.

There will be 3 winners! Each will receive a year's family membership to both the National Trust and English Heritage. The membership will start on January 1st 2022.

How to enter:

Email Send us an email that contains the phrase to and donít forget to include your name and your grown upís contact details.

The last clue will be uploaded on 4th June 2021 and the deadline for your emails is September 30th 2021.

If more than 3 people get the phrase correct, a draw will be made to select the winners. The draw will be videoed and uploaded here.

We plan to repeat this competition, in a different form, beginning in September 2021.