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When we eventually set off on our journey, we would like to come and visit a couple of schools in each area. The visits would happen on the Monday and Tuesday of the first week of our time in that area and could really take any format that the school would like. We know, from past experiences, that meeting with children is a very motivational process. It could certainly inspire them to carry out some, or all, of our projects if they know the person who designed the projects is coming to look at their work.

However, until then, that is between September 2022 and August 2023, Owlbut wanted to try to have a chat with some of you. So, from September 26th 2022, we have decided to have a ZOOM–type meeting each week. The meeting will last for 30 minutes and we will allow four family groups to join us. The meetings will take place at 7pm (not too late for our little owlettes but late enough, we hope, to have got dinner out of the way). We know that some of you do things some evenings (clubs etc), so we will have the meetings on a different day each week and then hopefully you can choose a week that suits you. The dates are listed below. You can ask any questions you like and we hope, by only having four groups, everyone will get a chance to say something.

If you would like to chat with Owlbut please email us to, tell us the date you want (it might be an idea to give a few choices) and we will come back to you a week or so before the proposed chat. Please include a contact name and telephone number. Owlbut's World of Learning retains the right to remove or ban anyone from the chat at any time.


Monday 26th September
Tuesday 4th October
Wednesday 12th October
Thursday 20th October
Friday 28th October
Monday 31st October
Tuesday 8th November
Wednesday 16th November
Thursday 24th November
Friday 2nd December
Monday 5th December
Tuesday 13th December
Wednesday 21st December

Thursday 5th January
Friday 13th January
Monday 16th January
Tuesday 24th January
Wednesday 1st February
Thursday 9th February
Friday 17th February
Monday 20th February
Tuesday 28th February
Wednesday 1st March
Thursday 9th March
Friday 17th March
Monday 20th March
Tuesday 28th March
Wednesday 5th April
Thursday 13th April
Friday 21st April
Monday 24th April
Tuesday 2nd May
Wednesday 10th May
Thursday 18th May
Friday 26th May
Monday 5th June
Tuesday 13th June
Wednesday 21st June
Thursday 29th June
Friday 7th July
Monday 10th July
Tuesday 18th July
Wednesday 26th July
Thursday 3rd August
Friday 11th August