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Individual Projects

These projects you could do on your own.

These are the projects with a brief synopsis. I hope you enjoy them. Click the title and read the info about each one and see which you would like to do or do them all. These projects are intended for students between 8 and 15.

History As It Happened - Available Now..

  • A chance to use your imagination and report on a historical event as though you were there.
    Age 8 - 15

Take Me Back To Another Time - Available Now..

  • Imagine you lived in a previous time and tell us how you think your life might have been.
    Age 8 - 15

If I'd Been Born Somewhere Else - Available Now..

  • Supposing you had been born somewhere else in the world, tell us how your life is.
    Age 8 - 15

A Day In The Life Of .......... - Available Now.

  • We want to know about a day in the life of someone you know
    Age 13 - 18

A Life - Available Now..

  • Simple, briefly tell us about the life of someone.
    Age 8 - 15

Words Have Meaning - Available Now..

  • A chance for you to share the words of a song, poem of other piece of writing that has meaning to you.
    Age 11 - 15

What To See And Visit Where I Live - Available Now.

  • Tell us some places that we should see and/or visit near where you live.
    Age 8 - 15

As Was - As Is - Available Now.

  • A chance to help with material to be added to our site.
    Any age.

A Radio Show - Available Now.

  • Put together your own radio show following the guidelines we have laid down.
    Age 11 - 15