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What To See And Visit Where I Live

Who Can Do It

This project can only be done by children who live in England. It can be done by anyone under the age of 15. This is an individual project, which can be done at home. It is not really intended to be done in school although teachers can, if they want, introduce it to their lessons. It is, therefore, very different from all our other projects.

What You'll Need

You will need access to a word processing package and use of a map of your local area.

How To Do It

radiusWe are hoping to travel all around England, starting in September 2023. With this project we want you to tell us about somewhere interesting near where you live that we might be able to visit. It could be a museum or an old building, it could be a place of historic interest, it could be one of the 20 or more UNESCO World Heritage Sites or it could be a beautiful view that you like or a place with special memories for you and your family.

The place MUST be within a radius of 10 miles of your home. A radius is the distance from the middle of a circle to its outside, its circumference. You can see this in our non-stop diagram.

Once you have chosen the place, we want you tell us, in less than 250 words about the place and why we should visit and see it.

When You've Finished

With this project we are asking you to send us your 250 words to a specific address. That is Please put the county you live in, or are writing about, in the title of the email. About one month before we visit an area, we will check out all suggestions we have been sent. This gives you a good idea of the deadline. We will then see if we can manage to visit a location, building etc that one of you has written about and arrange to meet up with the writer and their family if it is at all possible.