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Teachers' notes and full instructions

Your Country's History

A history of every country in the world written by the young people of those countries: That's our aim. Obviously we need you and your school to help. Can you do it?
Who can do it

Any pupils

What you'll need

Pens, paper, a word processing package and a camera (preferably digital for easy input). If no camera is available we would still like your text, maybe illustrated with some drawings.

How to do it

The instructions for how to do this project can be found in the link in the left hand corner of this page. They are intended for teachers.

When you've finished

We are asking schools to set up a special part of their school website called Owlbut's World of Learning and all the work done by you on this project should be uploaded there.

We know this project is a massive task and so we will not be uploading any of the links until September 2023, giving you a nice long time, depending on when you are reading this.

We look forward to you helping us build a complete picture of the history of all countries of the world written by young people.

NOTE: As we have only written our history for England, we would love to have contributions from schools in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well as all the countries named in our "The World" section.

We want to ask for these histories to be updated in 2028 and every five years thereafter, thereby bringing new pupils into our website.