General teachers notes for all projects

Your Turn

This is the chance for you and/or your school to be a part of
Owlbut's World of Learning.

Most of the projects in the first five categories should, if possible, be uploaded to a part of a school website and we will link to that page from our site. The last two projects can also be uploaded to a school site but, if you want, you can send them to us and we will put the best ones on our site. However, even if you cannot upload to a school site, please try to have a go at some of our projects. You can learn so much from the experience and it isn't necessary for anyone else to see what you have done. Nice but not necessary.

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This set of projects is written to be done in a group situation, most likely within a class or classes in a school.

As it says, this set is to be done by individuals either in school or at home.

These projects are for our young followers, probably aged 5 to 7. They can be done in school or at home.

These projects can be done by any age from 4 to 15. They are useful for those who do not have English as a first language.

Best undertaken by a whole school. It gives us a chance to highlight work done by pupils in other countries.

A chance to have your illustration of one of the stories in our Times Past section included on our website.

We want you to write us a song, in any genre, record it, in any format, and send it to us. The best 20 will be on our site.
If you click here you can read some comments that the pupils, who did one of Richard's projects, made. They seem to have enjoyed things, so why don't you have a go. If you're a teacher, it would be nice to have your pupils enjoying their work that much.