The Tudors

With many of these projects we are asking for them to be uploaded to a dedicated part of a school website.

We are aware, that in some countries/areas, not all schools will have a website. We are therefore asking for "hosting" schools who would be able to set up a part of their school website and then host projects done by less advantaged schools around the world. If you would be able to do this, please send an email to us at giving us a contact name and we will set up a list of such schools. If you would like to make use of a "hosting" school, then email us at and again give us a contact name. We will then instigate the link between hosters and those requiring a host.

There are a lot of fun activities and projects available for you to do on here and I would love to see them. There is information on each project page telling you how to upload them so we all can see your work. Check them out.

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If you click here you can read some comments that the pupils who did one of Richard's projects made. They seem to have enjoyed things, so why don't you have a go. If you're a teacher, it would be nice to have your pupils enjoying their work that much.