The Tudors

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22nd SEPTEMBER 2019.

When we start our journey in September 2020, we would like to include, each week, a visit to a primary school within the area we are staying. The visit would last upwards of half a day. You can read how you could be the chosen school here.

As a precursor to that visit, we would like to come out just for an hour or two sometime from January 2020 onwards and visit any school that has requested the later, longer visit.

Check it all out.

14th SEPTEMBER 2019.

We've introduced an internal search engine, only available from our front page. It's an easy way to search for history topics, people and events and find out where you can read about them. Please let us know your thoughts and indeed any problems.

1st SEPTEMBER 2019.

If you check the copyright period, shown at the foot of each page of our website, you will see it starts in 2014: the early summer of 2014 to be precise. This means that we have been working on this site for the last five years. It is now a stand alone resource, developed with the help of schools, teachers and pupils over those five years. It is also now being used in a variety of ways by educators and learners all over the world.

The work done in this period has involved website design, during an amazingly intense time during May and June 2018 we actually redesigned the whole layout and format of the site while keeping most of the material that was already there, vast research and writing, planning and meetings where we talked to those likely to make use of the site and found out what best would suit their needs.

"We" is a loose definition as for most of the time I have undertaken the work on my own. It has completely filled my life. I may have taken a couple of weeks off during that time but that is all. I'm not complaining; I love what I do and have really enjoyed the discussions I have had as well as the work I have done.

However, at the end of June 2019 I stopped work and am only now, at the start of September, returning. I have had a complete rest, a couple of incredibly enjoyable holidays, good family time but now I am ready to return.

Although, as I said at the start of this piece, this resource is now complete and usable, there was always a plan to enhance what we have. That work will now begin. You can read of the plans in the How The Site Is Growing section.

One of the things Owlbut and I want to do this UK academic year is to get more of you, yes you, involved by asking you to do some of the projects we have written. We think that the more schools and young people who do these, the more we can find out about what you think, how you live, what you want and also about the country you live in. You can find out more about this in our Get Involved section.

OK, that's all the news for now so we hand you back to...........whatever you were doing and here's to five more years of non-stop work.

Take care.