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Notes for adults

Illustrate A Story

We have written a story about each period in our Times Past section. We would like you to have a go at illustrating some of those stories.
Who Can Do It

This project can be done by anyone but we would suggest that it is most suitable for those between the ages of 9 and 15. It can be done either from home or in school.

What You'll Need

Paper, pens, paints, crayons or pencils. You may need a scanner or camera so you can upload it to your school's website.

How To Do It

This section is intended for those tackling this project on their own at home. A separate set of instructions, in PDF format, for teachers to hand out is here.

You will need to choose a period in our Times Past section and then read or listen to the story. If you want you can read or listen to them all and then choose the one you like best. Using your imagination, draw or paint a picture which you think fits in with the words of the story. This project must be done as a drawing or painting, not computer-aided graphics. The picture should be A4 landscape size.

When You've Finished

Please send your picture to, to reach us by 31st August 2023. During the following year, we will take a look at all the ones sent in and, in July 2024, we will choose the best two illustrations for each story and upload them to the appropriate story page on our site. The name of the artist will be displayed and they will receive a certificate.

The pictures will stay on the site forever. Yay.

If you have done the project in school, feel free to upload it to the special part of your school website called Owlbut's World of Learning. However, only examples sent to the above email address will be judged and, if successful, put on our site.

NOTE: You will retain full copyright of your picture. However, by sending it to us, you give us permission to upload it to this site.