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Notes for teachers or adults

The Tudors

Can you write a song for me? Can it be about the way I learn as I travel?
Who Can Do It

This project can be done by an individual or a group. It can be done either from home or in school.

What You'll Need

Nothing but your voice or the London Philharmonic orchestra, the choice is yours (or maybe theirs). You will also need a device to record your song, save it and send it to me.

How To Do It

This section is intended for those tackling this project on their own at home. A separate set of instructions, in PDF format, for teachers to hand out is here.

You have to write us the words of a song and then record it and send it to us. You can do it on your own or with friends. We don't mind. It can be in any style from opera to rap. The only rule is that it has to be about Owlbut and it must include his name and the fact that he likes to learn things by travelling around.

However, we thought that might be a bit difficult for some of you so we had a go and wrote a song and recorded a backing track for it, just the music, like Karaoke. We also uploaded a printed version of the words. This means that you could either sing our words to our backing track or, if you're feeling clever, make up your own words but fit them to our tune. Again, the choice is yours. This means there are 3 ways you can join in.

Here is the backing track

Here, in PDF form, are the written lyrics.
When You've Finished

Once you've written your song and recorded it, you should email us a version, in any recognised format, including as a video. Versions that are sent to us will be judged and the best fifty will be uploaded to our site. Send the recorded package to Make sure you add your age and all names if you have been working with friends.

All entries need to be in by June 30th 2022. The top fifty songs, and maybe a few others, will be on the site in September 2022.

If you have done the project in school, feel free to upload it to the special part of your school website called Owlbut's World of Learning. However, only examples sent to the above email address will be judged and, if successful, put on our site.

NOTE: You will retain full copyright of your song. However, by sending it to us, you give us permission to upload it to this site.
The Bad News Bit

Once we'd written our song, we thought we would get a local school to record a version of it. Then the schools all closed because of COVID. This is why the news got bad. Richard decided he would record his version so, with no thought for the ears of others, he did, in our living room. It's here.


Our thanks to Tony Meloy and Rhion Davies, who together are better known as Dad's Old Pants, and produced the backing track. They are now neatly folded in a drawer waiting to come back out and perform again but not before you hear Tony and Rhion's version

If you get the timing right, you can even have Richard and Tony singing a duet. Simon and Garfunkel eat your heart out. Musical joke coming up: Troubling and maybe A Bridge Too Far.

And finally.....................Richard hasn't yet decided whether to make a music video of the song. I told him we were too busy but he just said the summer holidays are a quiet time. Watch this space.