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JUNE 27th 2019.

Today was Owlbut's 8th birthday and he had a little bit of a celebration. Just a few fellow owls to help him eat his cake, play a few owl games and have a good time. He is very proud of how hard he has worked this year but also knows that next year will be even harder. He's already thinking ahead and wants to spend his ninth birthday somewhere very special.

Normally the day of your birthday moves on one day each year but next year is a leap year. They happen when a year is exactly divisibly by four. Except, things are always more complicated, so any year exactly divisible by 100 isn't a leap year. Except that any year exactly divisible by 400, is. So 1900 wasn't a leap, divisible by 100 but not 400 while 2000 was, divisible by 100 but also by 400. 2100 won't be a leap year. This all means that next year his birthday will be on a Saturday. Got any ideas? Do you know of any special event happening somewhere in England on June 27th 2020, excluding Owlbut's ninth birthday of course which he tells me is the most sepcialist of special.

He was also celebrating the fact that we finished phase one of our website on Tuesday when we uploaded the last African countries to our Know Your Continent section.

It means that on our website we now have a section with information about every single country in the world as well as each flag, each national anthem and a map showing where they are in the world. We also have a complete history of England from the time of the last ice Age until yesterday, which actually works whenever you read this.

We also now have all our plans ready for the next two years. You can read about them in the How The Site Is Growing section.

One of the things we want to do next year is to get more of you, yes you, involved by asking you to do some of the projects we have written. We think that the more schools and young people who do these, the more we can find out about what you think, how you live, what you want and also about the country you live in. Not trying to make this complicated, you can find out more about this in our Get Involved section.

OK, that's all the news for now so we hand you back to...........whatever you were doing.

Take care.