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The Tudors

You may notice that I haven't itemised all the new inventions that came along over this period. Quite simply, that's because there were so many in such a short space of time. When I was 10, there were 2 TV channels and they didn't broadcast all day, hardly any supermarkets, no computers, no cell phones, nobody had been into space, no non-stick saucepans, no dishwashers, no microwaves, few people had washing machines, no video games, no ATM's, no seat belts or airbags (I fell out of a car when I was 3 because the door opened on a corner), no parking meters, cameras were bulky and you had to have the film sent away to be developed and obviously no internet, YouTube or anything like that. All of these inventions and many more have changed the way people live and communicate. Finally, as the year 2000 began, everyone around the world celebrated the new millennium. A millennium is a period of 1,000 years. Even though we did that, we were all completely wrong. As the first millennia started in the year 1, it couldn't finish until the year 1,000. That's the only way you could fit in 1,000 years. That means that this new millennia actually started in the year 2001 but no one seemed to care. What we actually celebrated was the way we count our years moving from beginning with a 1 to beginning with a 2. Oh well.

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