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The Podcasts
Podcasts pre-March 2024.

It was in about September 2022 (check my thoughts in the archives) that I linked up with our local Forest School and the school leader, Molly. To say I was impressed with what she had created and her passion would be like saying Mount Everest is a bit of a climb. I was blown away. About six weeks after our first meeting, I went back and asked Molly to tell me more about the Forest School concept. That chat, as you can see, is the first podcast and from September 2023 Molly joined me full-time on this site.


Our special June 2024 video podcast when we ask you for your help. If you can help in any way, we would really be very grateful.

May 2024
Molly and Richard contrast school and home education, looking at the pluses and minuses of both options and their own experiences, now and when they were young.

April 2024
Molly and Richard explain why they believe education must change and why it must be a complete change not just a bit of moving furniture around

March 2024
Molly and Richard tell you why in their desire to make the School of the Air project of the highest quality, they are making some changes to other parts of their work


These podcasts were made before we decided to detatch our School of the Air launch from our journey so may include reference to something that has now been delayed.

January 2024
Molly and Richard explain changes to their programme and plans

October 2023
Molly and Richard discuss whether school works for everyone

May 2023
Richard is very, very angry and it shows

February 2023
Molly tells Richard about the Early Years Learning framework

December 2023
Molly talks about the importance and meaning of play

September 2023
Molly and Richard explain about their new venture

April 2023
Molly and Richard talk the future of education.

January 2023
Richard looks at mental wellbeing and tells why Owlbut is on a break

November 2023
Molly tells us her background and her hopes for the School of the Air

June 2023
Richard and Molly talk Home Educating

March 2023
Richard gives his thoughts on the future of education

December 2022
Molly explains to Richard about Forest Schools
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