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The Tudors

These projects are specifically intended to be done within a school.

These are the projects with a brief synopsis. I hope you have fun when you do them. Click the title and read the info about each one. These projects are intended for students between 8 and 15.

The projects are:-

My School - Available Now.

  • This project will develop many skills and aims to show life in a particular school and allow those who read the project to see the various aspects that make up time spent at that school. It also gives both student and reader the chance to see how the school has changed over the years.
    Age 8 - 15

Here Is The News .... In 2050 - Available Now.

  • The aim of this project is to find out the views of young people toward the future and enable young people to work together to produce a requested output.
    Age 8 15

Festivals - Available Now.

  • Festivals are an important part of community life and this projects aims to show the different way some are celebrated and also how some have their roots deep in the past.
    Age 8 - 15

Our Laws - Available Now.

  • A project for pupils to find out basic laws within their country, take part in reasoned debate and understand the structure and operation of formal meetings.
    Age 15 - 18

Our Environment - Available Now

  • This project aims to get students thinking about their environment, why it is vital to maintain it and how they can help.
    Age 8 - 15

What Climate Change Means To Us - Available 1 September 2022.

  • A chance for students to research and understand the facts about climate change, express their own views based on these facts and to see how everyone needs to contribute to avoiding a planetary disaster.
    Age 8 - 15

Media Influence - Available Now.

  • A project which will explain to students how the media, and social media, can easily influence their thoughts, attitude and feelings and how not all of this influence is for the good.
    Age 11 - 15