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Our Environment

Who Can Do It

This project is best done by a class or group of students, we would suggest in the age range 8 - 15. It is possible for an independent group of young people, or even a single child, to carry out this project outside of a school situation.

What You'll Need

This will depend on what you decide to do.

How To Do It

The first part of this project is for you to read our handout on the environment. If you are doing the project in school your teacher will give you a copy and give you further instructions on how to complete the project.

If you are doing it at home alone or with friends you can find and print out a copy here. Then read the handout and either talk about it with friends or parents or think about it yourself.

What we want is for you, as a school or as a group or as an individual, to decide on some action you can take on environmental and social issues that you care about by designing and running your own project.

There is a new fully funded programme for primary and secondary schools in the UK, being delivered by Future Foundations in partnership with Global Action Plan, called "Dirt Is Good". We feel that it would be great for you to get involved with this. You can find out more by clicking anywhere on the picture below. Check it out and have fun.

When You've Finished

With this project you don't have to upload anything to the special part of your school website called Owlbut's World of Learning but, if you choose to do so, we would love that. You can let us know what you decided on and how you carried it out. Again, with this project, we will upload the links as soon as you send them to us. The links will be accessed from this page. Send the link to