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“This is going nowhere,” Richard, the Duke of York said as he watched the herald march back towards the Duke of Somerset’s army. They had been trying to discuss a peaceful conclusion to the battle for the last few hours and nothing was being achieved.

“They wish to avoid another battle,” the Earl of Warwick said. “They probably think that if it worked in Blackheath, it’ll work here.”

“We avoid this battle, we’ll only end up fighting again later and then we might not be in a position to win. Send messages to our men, we attack now,” the Duke of York said, clambering onto his horse.

Within only a few minutes the Yorkist Army was charging towards the town of St. Albans, rushing down the narrow streets. The Duke of York watched from his horse as his men were cut down upon the street by the Lancastrian Army, unable to climb over the barricades that had been set up. The attack was failing.

He ordered a retreat and then sent in another regiment of men who smashed against the barricades like the sea against the beach. For a moment it looked as if they were about to win and then his army was fleeing once more.

“My lord,” the Earl of Warwick said, appearing at the Duke’s side. “I have an idea. The right of the town is left completely unguarded. Let me lead an attack on their flank.”

The Duke of York nodded his agreement and Warwick ordered the back-up troops to fall in behind him as he moved into the town. They were completely alone, the sounds of battle drifting over from several roads away. Moving as quietly as they could, Warwick and his army clambered through back gardens and little alleyways until they appeared within the centre of St. Albans.

The Lancastrian Army was sitting completely unprepared. Some were chatting to each other or playing games. Some were eating. None of them were wearing their helmets and many had their swords lying upon the floor.

“Men,” the Earl of Warwick said, looking behind him. “Charge!”

Unsheathing his sword, Warwick rushed into the battle as he hacked and slashed. A sword struck him in the hip, but his suit of armour deflected the blow and he was left unhurt. Spinning around, Warwick caught sight of King Henry VI rushing away from the battle and with a yell ordered his men to fire a volley.

Arrows whistled through the air and landed in the King’s guards, many falling to the floor as even the King himself fell from his horse. Sprinting forwards, the Yorkist Army captured the King as the Lancastrians began to run away, fleeing from the town.

“Cowards,” the Earl of Warwick spat, watching as men fled into gardens and out into the fields around the city. They would come back and fight another day; the war was not over. However today was a day for the Rose of York to celebrate victory.

Here is Richard reading the story to you.

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