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The Tudors

After they came to power in 1979, the Conservative government under Margaret Thatcher wanted to privatise, or sell, government owned companies. They believed this was best for our economy. Below is a list of companies they sold and the dates. I decided, with Owlbut's agreement, to include this in this year when British Gas was sold.

British Petroleum (BP) - October 1979
British Aerospace - February 1981
National Freight Corporation - February 1982
Associated British Ports - February 1983
Jaguar - August 1984
British Telecommunications - December 1984
British Shipbuilders - 1985 onwards
British Gas - December 1986
British Airways - February 1987
Rolls-Royce - May 1987
British Steel - December 1988
Water - December 1989
Electricity - 1990

The public were offered shares in some companies (BT) while private companies began to provide water, gas and electricity.

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