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The Tudors

I promised you 18 years without a change of government and I kept my promise but it's now time for a change. John Major, having taken over from Margaret Thatcher, won an election in 1992 although Thatcher's majority of 102 was reduced to 21. However at the 1997 election Labour won with a majority of a massive 179. The Labour leader was Tony Blair and under him Labour had changed from how the old party had been and was indeed now known as New Labour. From being the party of the working class, the lower paid, labour sought to win votes from the middle class, the wealthier members of society.

The Labour party campaigned on the promise to create a national minimum wage, introduced in 1999 with a rate of 3.60 for over 21s and 3.00 for under 21, devolution referendums for Scotland and Wales, which happened in 1999 (see below) and on better management of the economy. The Conservatives had a major financial crisis in 1992 when the government had to pull out of a European Union agreement to link all the different currencies together and trade within certain limits. The agreement, known as the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, was the beginning of the move to all have one currency, known as the euro (). The move to introduce the Euro started on 1 January 1999 and ended with coins and banknotes being the only currency in those countries who joined in, on 1 January 20002.

Below is a list of countries in the European Union as of 30 September 2017. Decide which ones use the euro as its currency then click one to see if you are correct.





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